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About Emma

I love fantasy and getting lost in the worlds of my own making. Dealing with life sometimes doesn’t come easy, and while I try to keep a positive attitude, sometimes it is hard to go through the motions. Rather than staying frozen and not knowing what to do next, I like to become my characters and act out my emotions in the pages. I write anywhere and anytime I get a chance I need to. I’ll use the Notes app on my phone, I’ll write in my journals, sticky notes, or random pieces of paper if nothing else is available. In the uncertainties of life, the one thing I am certain of is that I find it necessary to express myself through stories or poetry.

I had the opportunity to grow up in Tijuana, Mexico where my mother enrolled me in bilingual schools. One of my fondest memories is winning first place in a story writing contest when I was in elementary school. In middle school, my favorite teacher was the Spanish teacher because of the way she approached and taught us literature. I was also exposed to different kinds of literature at home. My mother had a giant bookshelf that went from the floor to the ceiling and took up almost an entire wall in the master bedroom, which my two sisters and I shared. That bookshelf contained old books from her childhood years in Chicago, comics like Peanuts and Little Lulu, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, books on astronomy and even an entire encyclopedia from her young adulthood. The two stories I loved the most were Johanna Spyri’s Heidi and Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game. While those stories are not in the realm of High Fantasy, the character development and the use of suspense in plot was what got me invested in reading stories that were longer than cartoon/comics. Reading different genres helped me develop a love for different kinds of story telling and helped me discover the way I wanted to tell my own.

The world of Immortal Essence started to develop in the year 2013, while I was sitting in the school library, waiting for my next class. It took me seven years to complete it, then another whole year to edit the entire manuscript. Finishing this novel has been my most cherished accomplishment. I have exhibited in books fairs such as North Park Book Fair: Holiday Edition 2021, LA Times Festival of Books 2022, Comic-Con San Diego: International 2022, and San Diego Union Tribune Festival of Books 2022 at USD.

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