Emma Reen

About the Author

Emma Reen loves fantasy and gets lost in the worlds of her own making. Not all the worlds make it into a page or a typed document. She channels all of her emotions into her characters, from the most negative to the most positive, as a way to deal with the daily ups and downs, or, as she calls it, the pendulum of emotions.

Her favorite books are Heidi and The Most Dangerous Game, which she both read at the age of ten. Her two favorite movies are The Secret Garden (1993), and Intouchables (2011 French film).

The world of Immortal Essence started to develop in the year 2013, and it was finally completed in 2020. A whole year was dedicated to editing after it was finished. She has exhibited in books fairs such as North Park Book Fair: Holiday Edition 2021, LA Times Festival of Books 2022, and Comic-Con San Diego: International 2022. The next exhibit is San Diego Festival of Books 2022 at USD.

Emma also spends time sewing, baking, photography, and doing different art projects in the visual arts and decorative arts.